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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience while exploring Chile’s Fourth Region. First, let yourself be captivated by the magical Elqui Valley, where hills and expansive vineyards surround you. Here, you can enjoy vineyard tours, tasting exquisite wines, and learning about the wine-making tradition of the area.

But that’s not all. Afterwards, head towards the coast and marvel at its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. At night, gaze upon the astonishing starry sky, as the Fourth Region is renowned for its impressive astronomical observatory.

Finally, connect with nature in every corner. From the imposing landscapes to the freshness of the air, every detail will take you on a journey filled with unique aromas, flavors, colors, and sounds. In summary, the Fourth Region awaits to provide you with an unparalleled experience amidst Chile’s natural beauty.


Descubre Elqui

We are lovers of the Elqui Valley and proud of the individual and collective passion of our brands that represent the essence of this valley. That's why we deliver and organize a transformative journey surrounded by mountains, sea, and stars, with personalized attention and extensive tastings.


Faro Monumental

It is located at the corner where Francisco de Aguirre Avenue ends and Avenida del Mar begins. It is an icon of the city and is considered one of the main tourist attractions. It was built between 1950 and 1951 at the request of President Gabriel González Videla as part of the Serena Plan.

La Serena, Coquimbo, Chile 2.37 km from the hotel.


Puerto de Coquimbo

It is a must-visit site in the IV Region, with extensive pedestrian walkways and a wide gastronomic offer featuring fresh, typical local products. Additionally, various boats depart daily from this point to explore the coastal waters and enjoy the landscape from another perspective.

Juan Melgarejo 676, Coquimbo, Chile 7.10 km from the hotel.


Cruz Del Tercer Milenio

This imposing structure, built at one of the highest points of the city, serves as a gathering point for many religious celebrations and also as an ideal viewpoint to admire the impressive view from its 93 meters of height.

Tte Merino 32, Coquimbo, Chile 8.33 km from the hotel.


Punta de Choros

Undoubtedly, it is one of the ideal destinations to visit for nature lovers in its purest state of conservation. Its white sand beaches, diverse marine life, and the contrasting colors of its waters make this place a chosen destination.

Punta de Choros, Chile a 116 km from the hotel.


Gabriela Mistral Regional Library

This work takes as its main inspiration the legacy of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and promotes the culture, productive development, and territorial identity of the Coquimbo region. It is part of the National Service of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage and has the Sustainable Building Certification Seal.

Juan José Latorre 782, La Serena, Coquimbo, Chile 1.27 km from the hotel.



Founded on December 22, 1821, this destination is recognized as the capital of Chilean pisco, as just a few kilometers from the city you can discover the Pisco Route, where it's possible to visit various pisco distilleries.

Vicuña, Coquimbo, Chile 56.19 km from the hotel.



This place is considered a true paradise for nature lovers, spiritual seekers, and meditation enthusiasts. It also serves as the gateway to the Cochiguaz and Alcohuaz valleys, offering a rich tourist experience to visitors. Nearby, the ravine that gives its name to the town unfolds in the pre-Andes towards the east, providing special conditions for ecotourism and stargazing.

Paihuano, Coquimbo, Chile 74.04 km from the hotel.


Observatorio Cerro Mamalluca

In 1994, it became the first amateur observatory in that country with tourist purposes. Today, it features a planetarium, visitor rooms, and both manual and automatic telescopes.

San Martín 275, Vicuña, Coquimbo, Chile 55.73 km from the hotel.


Plaza de Armas de La Serena

This is the main public promenade of the city of La Serena. It is surrounded by palm trees and various typical trees of the South American region. In the center, there is a large stone-carved fountain with various sculptures. This square is the heart of the city and is an ideal visiting spot for enjoyment, relaxation, and gathering.


Gabriela Mistral Museum

Located in the city of Vicuña and founded on September 18, 1957, this museum features various exhibits dedicated to showcasing the life and work of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral. The permanent exhibit includes a collection of approximately 1,100 personal items belonging to the writer on display, along with a public library housing 2,000 books, most of which are from Mistral's personal collection.

Vicuña, Coquimbo, Chile 56.38 km from the hotel.

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